BT Holi Bones venison M 2 pcs. / 100g

BT Holi Bones venison M 2 pcs. / 100g


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Deliciously filled bones for healthy and long-lasting chewing fun! Chew bones are not only ideal to reward and occupy dogs, but also to actively do something for the dental health of your four-legged friend. HOLI BONES is a patented chewing snack with a delicious coating that strengthens the dog's chewing muscles, cleans the teeth naturally and massages the gums.

For high acceptance HOLI BONES:
- coated with a fruit and vegetable coating including lactose-free milk
- filled with a tasty filling to maintain the chewing instinct.

This motivates the dog to spend a long time and intensively with the chewing snack.
In this way, he takes care of his teeth in a natural and low-calorie way. Made without cereals, artificial colours, preservatives and flavourings.

Complementary feed für dogs

beef skin 90.8%, lactose-free milk powder 3.4%, bovine gelatin 2.1%, vegetable glycerine, potato flakes, carrots 0.6%, deer meat 0.3%; pumpkin 0.1%;

protein 90%, fat content 1%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 0.5%; calcium 651 mg/kg, phosphorus 267 mg/kg; sodium 125 mg/kg;

Give between meals to exercise your dog's jaw and help care for their teeth. Choose the right size of snack for the biting force of your dog. Feed only under supervision and remove any small leftovers.