Chewies Geweih - Deer Antler - XS
Chewies Geweih - Deer Antler - XS
Chewies Geweih - Deer Antler - XS

Chewies Geweih - Deer Antler - XS


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The most natural chew on the world. 100% pure antler. Wolves use the antlers for millennia for cleaning teeth and as chewing fun!

Chewies deer antler is 100% pure antler and it is great for cleaning teeth. The antlers also contain many valuable minerals and nutrients. Dogs naturally have a strong need to chew. The penchant for chewing and gnawing is spread over the entire species alike. The Chewies deer-antler satisfy this desire in a completely natural way. Please let the dog chew the antlers under supervision, which applies to any long-lasting chew.

Antlers of red deer are a limited commodity. The hand-picked and tailored handmade antler pieces are not cheap, but worth the price. It last over 4-6 weeks.

Analytical constituents: crude ash 52.2%, crude protein 37.87%, moisture 7.81%, crude fiber 0.56%, fat content 0.23%

Minerals per 100g: calcium 20,3 g, phosphorus 10,7 g, iron 7.06 mg, magnesium 440 mg, sodium 0.5g, potassium 0.04 g

Size recommendation:
XS: 25-50 g - dogs up to 6 kg
S: 50-80 g - dogs up to 12 kg
M: 80-120 g - dogs up to 25 kg
L: 120-160 g - dogs up to 35 kg
XL: 160-250 g - dogs over 35 kg