Flexi Vario XS belt 3/12 red

Flexi Vario XS belt 3/12 red


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The Vario system is a new generation of self-winding guides.

Thanks to the patented braking system, which can be controlled with only one hand, you will always have your dog under control. Automatic winding prevents the lead from getting stuck in a certain length. The button can be set to a permanent position or pressed whenever needed. The end of the leash is equipped with a universal carabiner for easy attachment to a collar or harness.

Another advantage is the emphasis on the ergonomic and design of the leash and its handle, which is easy and comfortable to hold in the hand.

The main advantages of the Flexi Vario system:
• speed brake, thanks to which you can immediately react to any situation
• quality durable and light materials
•perfect technical elaboration


Mini – suitable for dogs up to 12 kg

Leash Type:


Tape/cable length:

3 m