Splitter black 20 mm

Splitter black 20 mm


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Splitter RD 20 mm x 25-34 cm - Black

Red Dingo fork for leading two dogs on one leash. The length can be easily adjusted using a slider in the range of 25-34 cm. Strap width 20 mm.

  Red Dingo forks are made of high-quality nylon webbing. The edges are densely woven for even more abrasion resistance. The connecting ring is made of stainless steel.

  Red Dingo carabiners are among the strongest on the market, and thanks to the unique exchange system, the carabiner can be easily changed. The fork is equipped with two classic Red Dingo carabiners as standard. Other carabiners in the shape of a dog can be purchased separately. You can find more in the Carabiners category.

  Splitters can be used with any guide.

  Black colour