Trixie - Set for Dental Care

Trixie - Set for Dental Care


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•dental hygiene set for dogs
• for use in hard-to-reach places when brushing teeth
•a harder finger brush to clean teeth from plaque and tartar that cause odor
•a softer finger massage brush helps blood flow and strengthen the gums

The set includes:
• 1 x mint toothpaste (100 ml)
•1 x finger toothbrush
•1 x finger massage brush
•1 x double-sided toothbrush with 2 different ends (large for front teeth, small for molars)

Instructions for use: Apply the toothpaste to the brush and brush the dog's teeth max. 2 times a day with gentle movements. If the dog is getting used to the paste, put some paste on the finger and let the dog lick it off. If the dog suffers from chronic inflammation of the oral cavity, use the product only after consulting a veterinarian.