BT Wellness Flakes garden-vegetables 650 g
BT Wellness Flakes garden-vegetables 650 g
BT Wellness Flakes garden-vegetables 650 g

BT Wellness Flakes garden-vegetables 650 g


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Grain-free and low fat!
Wellness Flakes from BLUE TREE are a
high-quality, cereal-free mixture of vegetable flakes, which are ideally
suited as a food supplement when feeding canned food or raw meat
Wellness Flakes are completely free of flavourings, colourings and preservatives.
The basis of our Wellness Flakes consists of protein and vitamin-rich pea, carrot and potato flakes.
Wellness Flakes Garden Vegetables are refined with light zucchini,
pumpkin and parsley. This low-fat and low-calorie mix makes for a light
and tasty change on the menu of our four-legged friends.
This mix
satiates very well, is easily digestible and at the same time our pets
are provided with many valuable vitamins (A, B6, C, E and K), folic
acid, iron and many other trace elements and minerals as well as with
dietary fibres.
These nutrients have a positive effect on keeping our dogs healthy and support them:
- with the blood formation
- in inflammation inhibition
- in the formation of the immune system
- in the development of bone cells
- for high cholesterol levels
- for stomach and intestinal complaints
- during detoxification
- for urinary tract infections (diuretic)
- for foot and body odour

Complementary feed für dogs

pea flakes, carrot flakes, potato flakes, zucchini 2%, parsley 2%, pumpkin 1%;

protein 15.8%, fat content 1.9%, crude fibre 5.0%, crude ash 3.8%, calcium 743.1 mg/kg, phosphorus 2,599.8 mg/kg;

The amount of BLUE TREE Wellness Flakes added to your dog's diet primarily depends on the quality of their meat diet. The ratio usually amounts to one third Wellness Flakes and two thirds meat (volume).
Depending on your dog's taste, the flakes can be soaked before mixing. Diet portion sizes may vary depending on the dog's activity levels and should be adjusted accordingly.