JR Fruit Wood Bowl 120 g
JR Fruit Wood Bowl 120 g
JR Fruit Wood Bowl 120 g

JR Fruit Wood Bowl 120 g


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ProducerJR FARM GmbH

The JR FARM fruit wood bowl is a natural feeding bowl made of deciduous wood for nibbling and gnawing, filled with fruity JR FARM fruit salad.

Complementary feed für all rodents and dwarf rabbits except degus, dwarf hamsters and gerbils.


deciduous wood, (filling): extruded cornmeal, bananas 19.1%, pea starch, carob, maize flakes, pineapple 6.3%, apricots 4.2%, beetroots 1.9%, lucerne, extruded rice flour, curcuma

Analytical constituents

protein 5%, fat content 7.2%, crude fibre 2.9%, crude ash 1.6%, calcium 867 mg/kg, phosphorus 1395 mg/kg,
sodium 400 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation

Only fill up the wood bowl when it is almost completely empty. Please only provide an amount of food that can be eaten in 24 hours. When the wooden bowl is dirty, please replace it with a new one.

ProducerJR FARM GmbH