JR Gerbils' feast 600 g
JR Gerbils' feast 600 g
JR Gerbils' feast 600 g

JR Gerbils' feast 600 g


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ProducerJR FARM GmbH

Gerbils' feast is a natural complete food mix suitable for all gerbils. The versatile premium mix with wild seeds and plenty of animal protein was specially developed for gerbils and is always eaten up leaving an empty dish. With plenty of vegetables, vitamins and minerals for a healthy life, full of vitality!

Complete feed für gerbils


silver millet, la plata millets, sorghum bicolor, milo, graminaceous seeds, manna millets, canary grass seed, maize, wheat flakes, rice, senegalese millets, carrots, pea flakes, wild seeds, wheat, maize flakes, linseed, buckwheat, carob, shelled sunflower seeds, red mohair millets, hemp seed, spelt, oats, fennel seed, mung beans, shrimps 1%, blessed milk thistle seeds, silkworm cocoons 1%, peanuts, black cumin seed, rose-hip seeds


nutritional additives: vitamin A 18.000 IU, vitamin D3 1.800 IU, vitamin E 72 mg

Analytical constituents

protein 12%, fat content 7%, crude fibre 6.8%, crude ash 3.3%, calcium 1133 mg/kg, phosphorus 2404 mg/kg, sodium 420 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation

Only refill the feeding dish when it is almost empty. Please give at most as much food every day as is completely eaten in 24 hours.

ProducerJR FARM GmbH