JR Grainless Mix Degu 650 g
JR Grainless Mix Degu 650 g
JR Grainless Mix Degu 650 g
JR Grainless Mix Degu 650 g

JR Grainless Mix Degu 650 g


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ProducerJR FARM GmbH

Grainless Mix is the raw fibre rich combination of cereal-free Quad-Bits and a mixture of long fibre herbs and vegetables. Grainless Mix is also ideal for the conversion period to complete feeding with Grainless Complete.

Complete feed for degus.


The plant life which grows on the permanent pastures of the Alpine foothills, pea flakes, nettle, carrots, horse bean flakes, ribwort, parsnips, peppermint 2.2%, fennel seed, marigold blossoms, stinging nettle roots, chamomile petals 1.5%, melissa, rose blossoms 1%, mung beans, linseed, black cumin seed, parsley, dandelion, chamomile, echinacea


nutritional additives: vitamin A 3575 i.E., vitamin C 69 mg, vitamin D3 247 i.E., vitamin E 22 mg, iron 18 mg, copper 3.4 mg, manganese 13.8 mg, zinc 20.6 mg, iodine 0.3 mg, selenium 0.07 mg, technological additives: butylated hydroxytoluene 2.8 mg; Why are there additives in this product? Vitamins are a vital component in a complete feed. Without additives, we cannot guarantee that the vitamins are fully preserved for the entire shelf life of the product.

Analytical constituents

protein 13.4%, fat content 3.8%, crude fibre 16.5%, crude ash 11%,
calcium 10732 mg/kg, phosphorus 3073 mg/kg, sodium 905 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation

Only fill up the feeding bowl when it is almost empty. Please only provide the amount of food per day that can be completely eaten in 24 hours. In addition to Grainless there must always be sufficient fresh water and hay.

ProducerJR FARM GmbH