JR Grainless One Guinea Pig 950 g
JR Grainless One Guinea Pig 950 g
JR Grainless One Guinea Pig 950 g

JR Grainless One Guinea Pig 950 g


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ProducerJR FARM GmbH

Grainless One combines the benefits of mono-component pellets with the advantages of feed made up of long fibrous ingredients. Thanks to the fact that the fibres are very gently pressed together, all the Grainless One ingredients remain in their natural form and each fibre remains intact. However, at the same time, selective feeding is prevented.

Complete feed für guinea pigs.


The plant life which grows on the permanent pastures of the Alpine foothills, pea flakes, horse bean flakes, carrots 3%, parsley, linseed, parsnips, peppermint, ribwort, marigold blossoms, beetroots, fennel seed, melissa, birch leaves, raspberry leaves, dandelion, black cumin seed, chamomile, cucumbers, zucchini;


nutritional additives: vitamin A 13000 U.I., vitamin C 250 mg, vitamin D3 900 U.I., vitamin E 80 mg

Analytical constituents

protein 14.7%, fat content 5%, crude fibre 16.3%, crude ash 6.6%, calcium 4573 mg/kg, phosphorus 2901 mg/kg, sodium 957 mg/kg;

Feeding recommendation

Only refll the feeding dish when it is almost empty. Please give at most as much food every day as is completely eaten in 24 hours.

ProducerJR FARM GmbH