Our herd of boys


Our herd of boys

Our boy herd (we call them boyband) consists of three boys - Cadburry, Altair, Giorno.

All are adopted because we believe that even the smallest life has great value. Cadburry and Giorno were born to females that had been disposed of. Fortunately, they were taken into the care of Fauna Conservation, and although this rescue station specializes in wild animals, they took care of them and the babies were born here. The boys became fond of me while working there, so they went home with us. Altair was an unexpected addition. I was browsing the classifieds and found a lady who bought guinea pigs from a pet store and then found out they had allergies at home, so they had to go. So I wrote to the lady, got on the bus and drove an hour to get the turkey. Given that he was originally kept in a cage, he enjoys free range with us the most.


What I enjoy most about guinea pigs is how different their personalities are. Although they are hairy balls that actually form food for predators in nature, they are still incredibly different and smart. Giorno is the leader of our herd, he flattens everyone but is the first to run when he hears the vacuum cleaner. He is also terribly picky. Perhaps Cadburry should have been born a female because he is very submissive, prefers to roll in his bed, and eats whatever comes his way. And Altair is the smart one. He knows that if he winks at me and walks quietly across the room, he gets a treat without the boys knowing and he has to share. He doesn't like to behave, but if I scratch him on the ground, he's happy and comes to scratch my fingers on his own :D


Of course, we know a lot of guinea pigs aren't as lucky as ours, and I'm not talking about the room they have all to their own, or all the beds that leave hair in the washing machine, but the loving home itself. Therefore, if possible, we donate to the organization Rabbits and Rodents in Need, which saves other little souls. And if we order beds from UšitáZvířecíLáska, we leave change for shelters :)

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